Find The Courage To Speak Up

Recently, I spoke at an investing conference.

I'm not an investor and know very little about it.

I was asked to speak about something I believe in.

I couldn't speak about investing in Boeing in China or the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and how that affects investment.

I couldn't speak about investing in art,nor could I say anything about designing and planning urban spaces.

So, by the time my turn came to speak, I had realised that I was invited to the conference, for much the same reason that one adds spices to soup.

I wasn't the soup, but  an exotic ingredient.

And there were two choices.

Well, really, only one.

Just to pull myself together and speak about what I wanted to speak about.

‘How to cultivate excellence in your emotional life’.

But this wasn't the real topic.

It was a coded topic.

The real topic behind the code was:

How to live from the space of the heart and not the mind. (I sat in the rice fields and made a video on this as well).  

I won't...

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How Can You Buy More Time?

Everyone wants to buy things: an iPhone, a car, a house, a something.

People, who are mastering their life and can buy an iPhone, a car, a house and a something, don’t prioritise buying any of these things.

Their priority is to buy more time.

How do you buy more time?

In business, it’s straightforward: it usually means hiring and delegating (or automating - but this isn’t a post about business, so I’m not going to go into detail).

A year ago I bought more time by hiring a virtual assistant to help me out with a number of ventures.  

I bought at least 60 hours’ worth of time and it made my life much easier.

But: how do you buy more time in your personal life?

For some, it could be a case of  hiring a cleaner, so they can spend more time with their children.

For example, I never cook. I choose to outsource my cooking by going out. I’m not lazy, I just know how to put those  two or three hours to use in a way that means either I enjoy...

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What’s Moving Your Life?

Movement is the basis of everything.

Every film, every book, every play is driven by movement, taking the hero through a variety of situations.

Challenging him.

Testing him.

Awarding him.

Changing him.

If there were no movement, we wouldn't watch the film or read the book. It'd be dull.

Look around in nature.

There's movement - constantly.

Rivers flow.

Leaves either fall or grow.

Clouds drift.

It's never still. It’s always in process.

Your life, too, is driven by movement.

The greater the movement, the more significant the change.

The lesser the movement, the more meagre the change.

You wouldn't watch a film without much movement.

Why would you live a life without much movement?

Movement is the basis of transformation.

Transformation equals growth.

Become aware of the movement in your life, and its intensity.

Where is the movement taking you to?

What sort of changes is the movement guiding you towards?

Are you resisting the movement or going with it?

P.S. You can't control...

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How to Use Travelling to Upgrade Your Thinking - EPISODE 10

What if you looked at travelling as a way of expanding your mind and thinking, a tool to help you become aware of your system of beliefs, your judgments and your ideas, and to call these all into question?

In this episode from Melbourne, I share how you can do it.

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What's Your Intention For Today? - EPISODE 9

 What’s your intention for today?

Our every action, every word, every decision have an intention behind them. It is either conscious or subconscious.

If you are not aware of your intentions and don’t set them consciously, the subconscious takes over and rules your day, your year, your life.

From a rooftop in Singapore, I share how you can work out what your intentions are.

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Why Are You Suffering?

"The reason you're suffering is you're focused on yourself." - Tony Robbins.

Suffering derives from the core of ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘mine’.

Even if you say that you’re suffering because of your child, you’re still making it about yourself.

It’s just a more complex way of doing it - through association with another person.

If you are truly suffering, stop focusing on yourself.

Help others. Focus on others. Their needs and their suffering. At least for a day.

And you’ll be at least temporarily relieved of your own suffering.

We are so busy spinning the ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘mine’ story, making it the most important story, but it isn’t.

Once you understand that, it gets easier.

And if you wish to take it to the next level, and see that there isn’t ‘your story’, ‘his story’ and ‘their stories’, but rather ‘our story’, it can even become  kind of...

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Do You Live By Magical or Chronological Time? - EPISODE 8

business time values writing Jul 14, 2017

There are two types of time.

When you understand them both, you can choose HOW you experience life and even WHAT you experience.

I didn’t come up with the concept - the Greeks did.

However, understanding it, literally changed the way I live and see my life.

Watch here.

In real time.

Chronological time.

Make it magical.

I’m explaining how.

I’m explaining how from a boat on a Lithuanian lake.

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What TV programme are you watching right now?/ What's On Your Life TV right now?

Imagine your life as a TV.

You’re flicking through the channels.

Work channel: struggles, goals, striving for good pay, planning holidays.

Love channel: highs and lows of love, relationship hurdles and successes.

Relationship channel: parents don’t understand, children are losing their way, lack of self-esteem.

Meaning channel: what is it all about, you buy a book or two, attend a seminar - how does the universe work?

There are also addiction channels - if you turn on one of those, it’s easy watching.

Until you wake up and have to go back to one of the above channels - then, it’s hang-over time.

But the remote control is in your hands -  always.

It’s up to you which channel to watch. Also, there is a  limitless amount of channels.

If you’re watching a boring programme - that’s your choice.

If you’re watching a complex relationship drama -  that’s your choice.

If you’re watching ER or some kind of an ‘I...

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Knowledge vs. Experience vs. Feeling

Knowledge is rarely exclusive. You can get it on Google.

Many are keen to share their knowledge and ‘the one who knows’ is often mistakenly seen as an expert.

However, stronger than knowledge is experience.

What’s experience?

Simply put: it’s knowledge in action.

Fewer are able to share it but those that can are true experts.

Above knowledge and experience, however, is feeling -  the feeling of knowing and doing.

Nothing preserves, locks in and grounds knowledge and experience better than feeling.

It is through feeling our way through facts, ideas and actions that we register and cement them on a subconscious level.

This is particularly important to know when choosing a mentor - in business, spirituality, psychology or any other field:

How deep is their knowledge?

Have they experienced what they know?

Have they felt it?

You can learn more about the difference between the three here.

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How Do You Think?

Your brain, society, and the world around you are  made out of systems and thinking models.

Don’t ignore them.

Seek out patterns.

Seek out  how everything is connected beneath  the surface: whether it is the  structure of your favourite TV series, thinking models that your favourite thought-leader employs, or the way your child organises his or her thoughts.

Cracking a pattern is like cracking a code: it takes you to the next level.

It helps you formulate your own kind of thinking by deciding which systems and patterns to  ditch and which to  make your own.

For me and many other people I know and work with, writing is the best way to understand how we think and to shape and mould it accordingly. 

You can learn how to do it here.

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