What’s your personal brand?

Everyone is a brand nowadays. We are getting personal, we are getting intimate, we are sharing who we really are.

The creation of a personal brand is a necessity, whether you are knitting sweaters or producing solar energy panels.

How can you  start creating your personal brand?

First, choose truth, your truth, instead of illusion.

What do I mean?

I am convinced that to build something truly authentic in business, you have to know  how to be truly authentic in your personal life.

Business is changing. Corporations are dull. We care about your story. Your struggles. Your lessons. Your values.

You have to be honest enough with yourself to start with and you have to understand what you stand for in your own life, and then let that transpire in your brand and what you choose to do with it.

In this day and age - however uncertain it may be economically and politically - we have the privilege of being able to  combine money flow with purpose - the two don’t have to be separate anymore.

But to know your real purpose, you can’t live with illusion.

What’s illusion?

When you try to portray yourself in a  way you are not, when you deny yourself the right to be vulnerable, and when you don’t let yourself say what you really feel and think.

Illusion is selling something you don’t believe in.

Illusion is creating a business because it’s fashionable and not because your heart tells you to do so.

Illusion is putting the success laws of society (money, power, fame) above your own intuition and dreams.

What’s truth?

Truth is knowing your values, knowing why you wake up every morning, and letting that shine through in everything you do, even if it  isn’t glamorous or acknowledged.

Truth is selling something you believe in and using your personal story to emphasise its value.

Truth is defining your success, regardless of the framework of popular opinion.

Truth is having your brand as the direct reflection of your humanness and heart.

This is when you go big but then, it doesn’t even matter to you because there is a greater purpose to what you are doing.

What brand are you creating in 2017?

One of truth or one of illusion?

How will your personal values be reflecting what you do in 2017?

I chose truth.

Are you struggling to separate truth from illusion?

Are you wanting to connect to your authentic self?

Then join me and my Hero’s Journey Circle -  starting in April!

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