About Darius Lukas

If you asked me to rewrite one of those cheesy home decoration signs, such as Live. Love. Laugh, this is what I would go for: 

  • Build best-selling offers
  • Tell stories to sell them
  • Scale your digital business (using AI tools)
  • Grow your freedom

This has been my mantra for the past decade as I travelled the world, building multiple online language schools and other digital offers. 

And this is what we teach here. 
Having hit 8-figures, I was able to spend: 

  • 4 years living in Bali
  • Several months training as a samurai in Japan
  • Travel the world interviewing over 300 entrepreneurs
  • Acquire a property in Portugal
  • Live in 20+ countries 

Freedom has always been my non-negotiable. 

Ever since I graduated from theatre directing at a prestigious drama school in London, UK, I knew I didn’t want to be an assistant director for years or have to maneuver the establishment… 

I wanted freedom and so I moved to Bali, Indonesia.  

And that’s why I’ve built multiple 6 and 7 figure memberships (recurring revenue is your freedom guarantor).

That’s why every programme I create is there to free you up in your business (whether it’s by writing a book with ChatGPT or building a high-converting sales funnel).

That’s why I’m adamant about using AI and ChatGPT (yes, while they may be questionable, we’re still better off adopting and understanding them). 

Start building your freedom here.