The human brain is wired to think in stories and words. I believe that we can transform our lives and businesses by consciously deciding how and what stories we tell ourselves and others.



Each of our courses and programmes is a unique and clear pathway designed -through writing - to help you:

  • Gain clarity and perspective.
  • Get unstuck in your life and business.
  • Connect to yourself.
  • Find your authentic voice and way of living in the age of information overload.
  • Overcome emotional upheavals and challenges.
  • Learn how to use writing as your therapist, business coach, guide, best friend or even genie in a lamp.  

Writing, if used deliberately, can improve your business, emotional health, relationships, creativity and spiritual life (and that’s been backed by medical research!). 

But what if I can’t write?

You don’t need to have any prior writing experience. Just like talking, writing is something that we naturally do - all of us.

It doesn't matter whether you are a professional writer or have never written at all. At the Academy, I invite students to forget about grammar, pompous vocabulary or writing as well as Shakespeare - all of which are fine but my aim is for you to learn how to use writing as a tool and start reaping the benefits, whether in your business or personal life. (However, I can't guarantee that the process won't awaken your inner Shakespeare and mightn't take up writing).


Every course accessibly combines expressive writing methods, the school of creative writing, and self-development and business coaching techniques.

Writing - much like speaking, dancing or drawing - is a natural human activity and it helps us integrate and organise our complicated lives in a variety of ways:

  • Writing clears the mind. Before beginning a complex task, it can be beneficial to write out your thoughts and feelings.
  • Writing resolves troublesome experiences standing in the way of important tasks. Following major upheavals, people tend to obsess about them. Writing about traumas helps us to organise them, thereby freeing the mind to deal with other tasks.
  • Writing fosters problem solving. Because writing promotes the integration of information, it can help us solve complex problems.
  • Free writing promotes forced writing. Most people are called on to write something on occasion - whether a legal brief, a medical opinion or a letter of complaint. Free writing techniques can be a good warm up.

Here is what writing can do for you

If used methodically and as a tool, writing can help you:

✓ Solve problems 
✓ Reduce anxiety and stress
✓ Become mentally alert
✓ Understand your life's journey
✓ Heal your past & emotional wounds
✓ Structure your business
✓ Improve your relationships
✓ Boost creativity  
✓ Get perspective  
✓ Set and achieve goals 
✓ Boost your immune system
✓ Discover a sense of meaning
✓ Discover your life’s purpose   

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Throughout 2017 Darius Lukas Academy will introduce a series of courses and programmes that will help you transform your life and business through the power of writing.

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