Personal Mentoring Programme



Over the past five years, I have worked with dozens of people, helping them turn their lives around, discover their purpose, launch businesses, craft their personal and brand identities and, most importantly, live authentic lives.

One of the my greatest goals in life is to live my truth through the businesses I build, relationships I create, places I choose to live in and the active pursuit of spiritual and self-developmental paths.

In my mentoring programme, I work with people who are seeking the same in their own lives.

I deliberately synthesise business and personal mentoring with aspects of philosophy, literature, personal development and expressive and creative writing practices.

There is no one-fits-all path for growing your life or business and so I take the liberty of designing a unique tailor-made programme for each client and this is exactly the reason why I work with only three people every year.

Some of my clients included:  & 


  • A senior UK banker leaving his job and trying to find a meaningful way to express himself in business and life.
  • Japanese companies seeking to enter Western markets and wanting to tell a unique story through their product.
  • A German neurologist and healer wanting to craft her brand identity, which included working on her business and marketing strategies and brand story.
  • A boutique SPA owner wanting to stand out in the market and reunite his business with his personal values.
  • A Lithuanian-born painter wanting to turn her art into a business and travel the world.
  • And many other stories.

Areas we worked on included:

  • Discovering purpose and translating it into an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Business strategies and business storytelling.
  • Defining personal and business values.
  • Overcoming inner blocks, resistances and traumas.
  • Changing habits.
  • Designing time - by week, quarter, year.
  • Creating products (books, courses, online programmes, retreats etc.)
  • Improving relationships (within the family, with business partners or with oneself).
  • Authentic communication strategies through video, blogging, newsletters and social media.


The application process helps you and me to make sure that we are the perfect match for each other and can achieve a lot during our time together.




STEP 1: Fill in the application form.

STEP 2: My team will get in touch with you to schedule a call, provided your application is successful.

STEP 3: We will meet for a 30 minute Skype session where we will discuss how we would work together and what your own personal programme would entail.

STEP 4: Invitation to join, agreeing on the start date (depending on the current availability of the programme) as well as the payment plan.

If, at the time of application, the mentoring programme is full, we will put you on the waiting list.