There are several ways to write an about page about oneself or a company.

You can go for facts and accolades (see Story 2) or stories - real human experiences that might not reveal much about someone’s background but will speak volumes about his or her life and personality (Story 1).

You can also do both, just like I did below.

Make your choice.



August, 2014. Suitcases are packed. I have ended my relationship of three years. I gave up a career in theatre directing and playwriting in London. I have said goodbye to my friends, knowing they will no longer be actively involved in my life. I am moving to Bali. The only certainty - my modest online teaching business and Let’s Sandbox - a blog I am writing. Other than that: no friends, no place to live and barely any knowledge of Asia (in fact, I have never even been to Bali!). The utter sense of uncertainty: I am giving up everything familiar. I am taking a huge risk. I am radically turning my life around.


I live for such moments of personal courage and yet they don’t come without fear, anxiety or stress. I remember stepping out of the airport in Bali, local taxi drivers chasing me like dogs (‘You go with me, sir?’) and the humid heat of the tropical night making me quite queasy (‘And now what, Darius?’ - I remember whispering to myself). However, I was convinced that this was the quest for my truth and authenticity, my happiness and creativity, my own way of living and thriving in this world. I was determined - against all odds - to make it work.


December, 2016. Suitcases are packed. I am travelling and working on the go: Amsterdam, Vilnius, Bali, Bangkok, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hong Kong, Xiamen - the list goes on. Bali has become a home base with my closest friends; I often think of the island as my greatest teacher, giving me lessons in wealth, entrepreneurship, creativity, sexuality, spirituality and writing. Bali has nurtured me into becoming an entrepreneur, artist and adventurer of life and I am burning to share what I have learned with the world.


A  writer, entrepreneur and adventurer, Darius Lukas inspires others to live an authentic life.


Darius Lukas is currently building his Academy, which is dedicated to helping people transform their lives and businesses through the power of writing. It uniquely combines expressive writing methods with psychology and business coaching.

Darius also runs an online teaching company, a social media business and is part of the team at Roger Hamilton’s Entrepreneurs Institute.


Darius has worked as a scriptwriter in New York, Australia, China and the Philippines and his work has appeared on Netflix. His stage plays were recognised and awarded at famous German theatre festivals: Theatertreffen and New Plays from Europe Biennalle.


His blog Let’s Sandbox (2013-2016), explored how to live an authentic and creative life, with more than 300 entries, and will soon become a course at the Academy. 

Darius Lukas read English Literature at the University of East Anglia, UK, and trained as a theatre director at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  He grew up in Lithuania before relocating to the UK at the age of 18 and has been living in Bali, Indonesia, for the past 3 years.